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Geschichte der 12. SS-Panzer-Divsion Hitlerjugend. Forum dedicated to the History of the 12th SS-Panzerdivision Hitlerjugend. Historical and Education Purposes.

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2. Kp. / SS-Panzerjäger Abteilung 12 Oberstürmführer Wachter.

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Hi all,

New here on this "new" forum. Looks nice Bart.
Don't have much intel about the 12. SS HJ Div. but I am interested in its efforts during the Bulge, mainly in the Northern sector near the twin-villages of Rocherath-Krinkelt and near Domaine Bütgenbach.

Only item I posess of the division is this deatcard/sterbebild of Obersturmführer Johann Wachter. (also seen on WAF)
Here the intel I gathered about this man, but I am always looking for more.
Hope to be of any use here.

Kind regards,


Last name:
For name:
SS-Obersturmführer / Kompanie Chef
2./SS-Pz.Jäg.Abt.12, (Sturmgeschütz Abteilung) 12.SS-Pz.Div.”Hitletjugend”
Markt-Oberdorf (Meichelbeckstr.62)
Date of his death:
Location of his death:
Near Rocherath/Krinkelt, Ardennes (northern sector)
Probably NO of this village near the Lausdell crossroads.
Cause of death:
Dortmund Block 140 Grab 248
Dog-tag no.:
Additional info:
- Foreighn unit: 3./Pz.Jäg.Abt. LSSAH
- Recieved his DKIG near Charkow at 6/5/1943 with the 3./Pz.Jäg.Abt. LSSAH.
- SS-Nr. 77 227
- LSSAH shoulderboards on picture.
- Quote “Hitlerjugend Div. Vol.2”:

"The bulk of II./25 and Panzerjäger Abt. 12 had followed Obersturmführer Zeiner after they dislodged the enemy from the Krinkelt forest. They followed him closely along the country lane to Rocherath. Soon after leaving the forest they came upon the enemy, ready for defense, in the darkness. After a bitter fight, they were able to throw him back, effectively supported by there own artillery. Immediately east of Rocherath they again encountered superior enemy troops. The attack stalled there under very heavy artillery fire. An attempt to by-pass the enemy by swinging to the north also faltered in the face of his superior forces. With the loss of several Panzerjägers, it is probable that the chief of 2. Panzerjägerkompanie, Obersturmführer Wachter, and the leader of his III. Zug, Oberscharführer Bitau, were killed during these battles."

2. Kp. / SS-Panzerjäger Abteilung 12 Oberstürmführer Wachter. Download?action=showthumb&id=12wachter ss hj.jpg
(187 Kb) Downloaded 695 times

22. Kp. / SS-Panzerjäger Abteilung 12 Oberstürmführer Wachter. Empty Death of Wachter on January 13th 2012, 03:58

Mike S.

Hallo Nick,

A short account of veteran Hans Baumann who, as a Geschützführer, followed Wachter and witnessed his death: "At Rocherath near the Wasserturm where Wachter was killed I was shot down. Wachter, Baumann, Miels(?). Wachter passed the corner of the Farmhouse and probably saw Americans. He opened his hatch going outside with his MP but was hit by PAK directly on the drivers front and the granate-splitters ripped his throat wide-open and I assume that this PAK also hit us. Miels was lucky".


Mike S.


Hi Mike,

Thank you for that detailed information.
Thats something which is hard to find along with a deathcard... of how it exactly happend.
So again thanks.

Yours friendly,


Bart Wolfgang

Bart Wolfgang
Forum Staff
Thanks for the information.

PS: I have a Studioportrait of him with his Wife.


Hi Bart, I would be very interested to see that.

Bart Wolfgang

Bart Wolfgang
Forum Staff
Johann "Hans" Wachter


Wow, beautiful portret!
Far better than the bad pic on the deathcard.

Hi bart, may I use that photo on my upcomming website? I will let the copyright text on it offcourse, and will add your name for an extra thank you.


Bart Wolfgang

Bart Wolfgang
Forum Staff
Ja, doe maar hoor. Moest je het zonder copyright hebben, mag ook (bronvermelding dan). Stuur maar PB'tje.

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